Low-­price ChromAgar for CRE screening in HAI Management

Rectal swab samples
Rectal swab samples
CRE quick identification
CRE quick identification
Cohort care
Cohort care

Conclusion: CRE screening for ICU patients in Vietnam is feasible with low-­price CRE plate in future   

Fig.2: SWOT analysis of applying CRE screening for ICU patients in Vietnam

  • The prevalence of colonization with CRE increased from 32% at ICU admission to 88% at discharge. (N=328 neonates).
  • On average, neonates colonized with CRE had 09 days longer hospital
  • CRE at admission and HAI at discharge were
  • All patients with HAI were colonized with CRE at
  • Main pathogenic bateria were pneumoniae & E.coli.
  • Local CRE plates are cheaper 05 times vs. commerical
  • Low-­price CRE plates are produced in

Karolinska Institutet

Training and Research Academic Collaboration Sweden – Vietnam (TRAC)

Presenting Author: M.Sc. Chi Thanh TRAN – sp.thanhtc@ntt.edu.vn / trchithanh@yahoo.com Corresponding Author: Dr. Linus OLSON – linus.olson@ki.se

Project Director: A/Prof.Mattias LARSSON – mattias.larsson@ki.se

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