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When you access our website, you agree to these terms. The Website reserves the right to change, edit, add or remove any part of these Terms of Sale at any time. The changes take effect as soon as they are posted on the website without prior notice. And when you continue to use the website, after the changes to these Terms are posted, it means you accept with such changes.

Please check back often for updates of our changes.


In order to improve the reputation as well as the trust of customers when choosing to buy products / services at SAC MOC TINH. We would like to announce the return policy as follows:

1. Change of service

After registration, the customer has the right to request the PURPOSE to upgrade the service, or to convert to a service of equivalent value. Or after placing an order, if the customer is not satisfied with the order you just placed and wants to change, please contact IDENTITY and provide phone number, Email and order code (#XXXX) to request a change. , increase or decrease the product or the amount of PURPOSE will not settle the return if you do not provide sufficient information to confirm that the subject of the service. guests receive service.

2. Service payment

For unconfirmed orders: For some objective reason you can not buy goods but have missed your order, please contact SAC MOC TINH to request cancellation. Or you can cancel the order when an employee of SAC MOC TINH calls to confirm. You just need to provide your phone number, email with the order code (#XXXX), other information you don’t need to provide.

For services other than the domain name, if you want to pay the service, you need to notify the DMV 2 days in advance and the two parties will negotiate according to the signed contract.


1. Forwarding policy

After completing the information, the cost to register the services on the website SAC MOC TINH. Customers will be called by SAC MOC TINH to confirm and send administrative information for email-related services of customers who register to use SAC MOC TINH will support online or in person when completing service registration.

During the process of using the service SAC MOC TINH will continue to support according to the needs of customers under the terms of the contract signed by the two parties.

2. Safe and convenient payment

Buyers can refer to the following payment methods and choose to apply the right method:

Option 1: Direct payment (buyers receive goods at the seller’s address)
Option 2: Postpayment (COD – delivery and collection)
Option 3: Online payment via credit card, bank transfer