Renting technology for immobilizing chlorophyll and nutrients in the production of green tea, herbal tea and vegetable powders….

I. Introduction
1. Sac Moc Tinh Company Limited (
We include scientists in the fields of Biotechnology and Medicine specializing in research and development of health care science and technology. Our company was established in 2015 and has won many science and technology awards in Vietnam and internationally, such as:
(1) 1st prize in Sihub’s Ivey Bootcamp competition, 2021.
(2) 1st prize in the International Innovators Awards competition of Leipzig University (Germany), 2021.
(3) 1st prize in Ecothon competition of ACIS Korea, 2022
(4) 2nd prize in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Hack4Growth competition for start-ups with solutions to improve the health of Vietnamese people, 2021.
(5) Top 10 HIS COVID competition award of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology with CRE screening solution to reduce deaths in patients infected with Covid – 19, 2021
(6) Top 10 prize in the TECH FEST 2021 competition organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology for scientific and technical innovation solutions
(7) Top 10 prize in the CLIMATE LAUCH PAD 2021 competition organized by the Netherlands for solutions to respond to climate change.
Since 2023, we have announced technologies for processing fresh herbal tea and dried white bamboo shoots, specifically:
Press materials talk about Sac Moc Tinh company’s technology
2. Chlorophyll and nutrition in fresh herbal tea
Herbal tea is different from tea made from tea leaves (tea leaves) in that it is not fermented and the nutrients are extracted with boiling water in the same way as regular tea. However, chlorophyll and nutrients need to be protected from the harmful effects of fermentation, acidic pH and high temperatures, with special attention given that plant extracts are mostly naturally pH sensitive. acid [1], therefore, after extraction, the substances will be decomposed due to the acidic pH of the extract itself.
Sensitivity to pH, temperature, fermentation… are challenges with current herbal tea production technologies such as cool drying (fan and not direct sunlight) or cold drying to protect chlorophyll and nutrition. However, because the way to drink tea is to steep the tea with boiling water at 100 oC, substances with inherently low levels of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity will be decomposed, as well as the water pH from neutral to slightly acidic also contributes. The part that causes the health-promoting substances of herbal tea to be completely lost [2, 3]
II. Fixes chlorophyll and protects the nutrients of fresh herbal tea
1. Operating principles of technology
The solution offered by Sac Moc Tinh company is to “alkalize” fresh herbal leaf materials. We use chlorophyll color as a color indicator for the stability of chlorophyll and nutrients at alkaline pH and high temperatures. Because chlorophyll is a green substance and easily changes its green color according to pH as well as turns blue-black when exposed to high temperatures (illustrated in Figures 1& 2) [4]. From there, we can know that chlorophyll and nutrients are preserved at alkaline pH and can withstand high temperatures, from ensuring health support features, such as bamboo leaves helping to nourish the kidneys. , laxative and increase resistance according to medical literature [5, 6].
2. Outstanding advantages of technology:
– Maintains the freshness and flavor of tea
– Maintains nutritional content
– Extend storage time
III. Cooperation opportunities
– We calculate technology rental costs as follows:
• Technology rental fee for 5 years (collected once): 100,000,000 VND (one hundred million VND)
• Chemical treatment calculation (collected for each production batch): 200,000 VND (two hundred thousand VND) for 100 kg of fresh ingredients (obtains about 10 kg of dry ingredients after freeze-drying)
– If your company wishes to cooperate, please contact Teacher Thanh directly via phone number 0966.88.99.36 or email:
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