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Renting technology for immobilizing chlorophyll and nutrients in the production of green tea, herbal tea and vegetable powders….

I. Introduction 1. Sac Moc Tinh Company Limited ( We include scientists in the fields of Biotechnology and Medicine specializing in research and development of health care science and technology. Our company was established in 2015 and has won many science and technology awards in Vietnam and internationally, such as: (1) 1st prize in Sihub’s […]

Signing Technologies Transfer Ceremony on 27th October 2023 between Sac Moc Tinh and Phuoc Thien

(1) Dried White Bamboo Shoot (2) Bamboo Tea Leaf (3) Guava Tea Leaf

27th October 2023 – Workshop in Binh Phuoc province (presentation slides) and Director’s new name card

We would like to share our presentation slides in case you could not join us in person. Please kindly find the link below for the file: Our director has just updated his name card as follows:

HBO Dermal Gel – APEC Catalyst 2023 in San Francisco, November 2023

The APEC Catalyst Pitch Competition is thrilled to announce the Semifinalists for its 2023 edition. Organized in collaboration with the APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI) and the United States’ GIST Initiative, this competition centers on empowering female innovators in the field of climate solutions. Seventeen founders will receive training, with 11 […]

Transform agricultural by-products into food for food security

To exemplify this innovation, I have collaborated with a small farm in Binh Phuoc province to create “Bamboo Leaf Tea” using agricultural by-products. This invention has potential applications for a wide range of agricultural sources and even waste materials. Our innovation is driven by the aim to address the pressing issue of food security within […]

Bamboo Tea Leaf “TRÀ LÁ TRE”

Media talks about our innovation in Vietnam (related to Bamboo Leaf Tea product) in 2023 No. Media organizations (brief description) Links 1 Center for Statistics and Science and Technology Information of HoChiMinh City (CESTI) – Department of Science & Technology of HoChiMinh City, Vietnam 2 VnExpress Newspaper – The press agency of the Ministry […]

Derma Gel HBO – a new treatment approach for Atopic Dermatitis with scientific evidence

Atopic dermatitis is a highly prevalent, non-communicable, chronic skin disease and rank 15th among all non-fatal diseases with regard to disability adjusted life years, and first among all skin diseases (based on Global Burden of Disease (GBD) estimates), with the main burden in children. Our technology in producing Derma gel: It is produced with Sac […]