Transform agricultural by-products into food for food security

To exemplify this innovation, I have collaborated with a small farm in Binh Phuoc province to create “Bamboo Leaf Tea” using agricultural by-products. This invention has potential applications for a wide range of agricultural sources and even waste materials.

Our innovation is driven by the aim to address the pressing issue of food security within the larger framework of inclusive economies. The scale of the problem we are tackling is global, as the changing climate and unfavorable farming conditions have led to food insecurity becoming a major concern. Additionally, the agricultural industry contributes to environmental pollution through the generation of by-products and waste materials.

The urgency of this problem necessitates the adoption of a circular economy approach, with the identification and implementation of new technologies playing a crucial role. The emerging BCG (Bio-Circular-Green) model has gained significant traction as a means to establish and promote circularity. It emphasizes the utilization and re-use of biological materials, aligning economic growth with environmental preservation. By harnessing the easily transformable and reusable nature of these biological materials, we can create a greener environment while simultaneously addressing food scarcity, particularly in the food industry.

The individuals and communities experiencing the brunt of this problem are the people on our planet. As the negative impacts of climate change become increasingly severe, farming practices are no longer as productive as they used to be due to the changing and unfavorable environment. This puts them at risk of food scarcity,impacting their livelihoods, health, and overall well-being.

If we can effectively operate the BCG model, we can expect significant positive impacts. By efficiently utilizing byproducts and waste materials, we can effectively reduce the environmental footprint of agricultural activities.

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